Online and Telephone Counselling

During the COVID-19 pandemic all of my clients moved to online counselling. Some moved to video calls and some preferred telephone counselling. I took the opportunity to undertake further training to cover all of the required BACP competencies to become a fully-fledged online Counsellor.


Online counselling might be preferable for you for many reasons and I have found it to be an effective medium for most of my clients. The format of online counselling is the same as face-to-face sessions with regular weekly appointments.

You might prefer video counselling as it is very similar to face-to-face counselling or you might like telephone counselling as you can move about more or if you don't like to see yourself on screen. There are some differences with online counselling and I will give you plenty of information on what to expect, how to connect and how we will overcome any technical difficulties.

Not everyone or all difficulties are suited to online counselling so part of our first appointment will be for us both to assess whether this is the right medium to discuss your difficulties.

My fee for online counselling is £45 per session.

Man Using a Tablet